What are your super powers?


Do you ever find yourself waking up, shrugging your shoulders, asking yourself what am I doing? When things get a little overwhelming, I find myself doing this. And then I have to remind myself of my super powers.

Back in January, I had the pleasure of listening to a talk by Karen Walrond who gave us this advice when searching for your why. Making a list of your super powers can give you the confidence you may be looking for when your day gets off to a questionable start.

When I was working my corporate job, I struggled with confidence, a lot. My manager and colleagues were great about giving me feedback and encouragement. But I was hard on myself and I would always poke holes in my performance and over-analyze things I said in meetings. I would go into performance reviews thinking I had bombed and wouldn’t be getting a merit increase or bonus, but guess what? I did, every time.

I learned that other people’s reassurance could only take me so far. Not a glowing review or recognition from a senior executive or co-worker could really sink in if I didn’t believe in me first. Staying humble is an admirable quality but not when it’s to a fault.

So what are your super powers? If you don’t already know or are having trouble identifying them, Karen advised us on a great way to figure out what your super powers are: think about the things people thank you for. Think about that reassurance you are getting from your friends, family, and colleagues. What is the root of that strength? For example, if people tell you you ask good, thought provoking questions, perhaps one of your super powers is being an excellent listener. Then, think of other ways that being a good listener has presented itself in other areas of your life. Hey super power!

Make a list and hold it close. You are the keeper of your confidence and that should be fiercely protected. Hope your Monday is a super one.


2 thoughts on “What are your super powers?

  1. This is so important, always! Following an inspiring webinar Friday, I made a commitment to stop doubting myself for the rest of the month. (That seems doable!) It has already had such an impact. We’re not perfect as human beings, but we are all sorts of awesome! Thank you for this reminder. xoxoxoxo


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