Hi, I’m Rachel. My first blog, Recovering Corporate, was a space I created after leaving my 12-year career at a Fortune 50 organization to pursue part-time work and spend more time with my young family. Here’s the post that got this party started. The following year, Recovering Corporate morphed into Rachel Currantly.

I’m a west-coaster, born and raised in northern California, now bringing up my two little girls with my college-crush-turned-husband in northern Nevada.

Here you will find solidarity in working motherhood and stories about my life beyond the 9-5.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just saw your “Before/after | Closing out our front room (Part 2)” as I was looking for Salty Dog inspirations. I love your wall color and it really makes those french doors pop. Would be willing to share your wall color? Thanks, Joy :o)


    1. Hi Joy! Thanks for the sweet note. We’re really happy with how the Salty Dog turned out. Our wall color is Sherwin Williams Worldly Grey. I’d love to see your project when you’re done. Link back to it if you can!


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