Notepads (and lists) are my favorite

I am a fanatical list maker. I always have reminders and notes scribbled on everything from receipts to junk mail envelopes. Check my bag right now and you will likely find at least two notebooks in there swimming with other scraps of jotted down important thoughts.

Yeah, sure, I also use the notes and reminders apps on my phone but when I think of something I need to capture, I automatically default to pen and paper. Here’s a little collection of some great list templates I feel like I really need in my life right now.

1. Paper Thin Studio | Daily to-do list

2. Kate Spade | Dear Babysitter

3. Knock Knock | What to eat (also, see WTF am I doing)

4. Paper Source | Genius

5. Pen and Pillar | Grocery list

P.S. My friend and fellow list-lover, Audrey sent me a link a while back to some free instant-download lists that you can print right at your desk. Brit + Co 20 Free Printable To-Do Lists.

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