Things I’ve Googled

Happy Friday, friends! Here are my answers to the question Jim and I ask each other at the end of the day over a glass of wine (or beer); What did you Google? 

Best soy milk for frothing
I have been drinking a lot more coffee at home and recently blamed my frother of breaking on me. Jim tested my accusation and frothed up some cow’s milk without a problem. I am going to branch out next week and try a new brand of soy milk to see if that helps. (Any recs??)

Graphic design of state license plates 
We have been spending some time on the road a bit lately and I can’t help but look and question the design of some of the license plates out there. (The California Lake Tahoe plate totally beats the Nevada Lake Tahoe plate in my opinion.) I remember reading an article years ago about license plate design and so I googled this to try and find it. I wasn’t successful in finding the one I was thinking about but found a couple others. 4 designers clean up graphic roadkill (The CA one made me laugh.) and License plates from the 50 states redesigned.

How to remove pen from leather
Because I have two toddlers at home and a healthy collection of writing instruments.

How can you tell if walnuts are bad?
So, I have an ongoing concern that all the food in my fridge or cabinet is BAD and will POISON us if I hadn’t bought it that week. This google search returned an awesome new website I bookmarked without hesitation; (your ultimate shelf life guide). Super helpful and I was right – those walnuts are bad.


This next one is a much heavier topic that makes all others seem absolutely meaningless. The haunting refugee stories documented by Humans of New York and the photo essay Where The Children Sleep have been eating me up inside the last few weeks. The following was a sincere question I googled and something I think a lot of people might be asking, so I wanted to include it:  

What can I do to support Syrian refugee crisis from the U.S.? provided an excellent summary and a link to which lists supporting organizations and companies that are taking action, like Airbnb who is providing free travel credits to relief workers at Mercy Corps and International Rescue Committee (IRC) so they can have a place to call home while working in Greece, Serbia and Macedonia. They have also launched a donations page, for financial contributions to UNHCR (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), who is leading the global response to this crisis and will use the funding for the most urgent needs including shelter, water, food and medical services. Airbnb also matches contributions with additional travel coupons for relief worker accommodations.


And one more, to try to end this post and the week on a lighter note,

The best Taylor Swift Halloween costumes
But, it turns out, this is a search better done on Pinterest. Jim’s coworkers keep teasing me with an idea to have a Taylor Swift themed costume party where everyone has to come dressed as a character from one of her videos. Best idea ever, right? We really need to do this.

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