21 things (awesome and not so awesome) about staying home

Oh, hi. Somehow it is already 5:00 p.m. and I’m just getting around to posting today. (Thanks Monday. You got me. You still have the power to be a total B sometimes.) Friends, as you ease your way into your week and start making your lists of things to do, I made a couple of lists myself.

This week will mark two months since I left my job. These lists below are a bit of reflection on what is awesome and not so awesome about my new(ish) situation at home so far.

What’s awesome

  1. Breakfast at home (read: pancakes)
  2. Not wearing makeup (BTW, I thought this article, The Makeup Tax, was so interesting!)
  3. Making appointments/scheduling (what time works for you?!)
  4. Staying up later
  5. Not having to set an alarm
  6. Making lunches in the a.m.
  7. Discovering new places every week
  8. Not sitting behind a desk all day (<— my legs are so happy)
  9. Listening to music instead of conference calls
  10. Teaching the girls and witnessing them learning
  11. Going to the library
  12. Taking Harper to ballet
  13. Not having to dry clean clothes
  14. Sundays

What kind of bums me out

  1. Not getting a paycheck
  2. Nap time fights
  3. Feeling like CJ Wyatt in Baby Boom
  4. How freaking dirty my car is
  5. Assuming the homemaker role (housework is a lot like kryptonite)
  6. Having to make more of an effort to stay up on current events
  7. Still not having all the time in the world I thought I would

The great news…one list is notably longer than the other.
Hope you showed this Monday who is boss. (I’m still working on it!) Thanks for checking in. xo

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