Tote bags are my favorite

Oh, I love a good cheeky tote! I fell down the Etsy rabbit hole the other night and made list of some of my favorites.

  1. Book* Bag | Emily McDowell Studio
  2. F Bomb | Cougar T Shirt Company
  3. Treat Yo Self | Turtles Soup (See here if you don’t get the reference.)
  4. Shuck Yeah | She Sells Fairhope
  5. Crazy Mail Lady | Gold Tinsel

I’m a fan of anything practical, functional and durable so totes are totes my jam. I grocery shop with Envirosax and seem to always have some kind of tote in my car stuffed with goodness knows what. (Well, parents of small children know.) It’s also fun to use them as an alternative to gift bags. My mom started a “party in a bag” tradition after we moved out so that whenever she saw us on a special occasion, she would bring with her a bag with our favorite things to help us celebrate. She continued this tradition last weekend at my brother’s wedding. Sweet, right?(How cute is this Kate Spade wedding-themed one?! That could also be a nice “something borrowed” one day, too.)

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