Our fail-safe strategy for picking a Sunday night movie

Jim and I have a fail safe movie choosing strategy that we’ve been using for years. On Sunday, as the snow started to fall and we were preparing for a cozy night at home, he looked at me and said, “Pick three.” Here’s how it works…

  1. You nominate someone to “Pick three”.
  2. That person chooses three movies they would like to see.
  3. The other person gets to decide which one movie you’ll watch from the list of three.

Sometimes the list of three spans different genres; one funny, one thriller, one romantic. But on Sunday, it was all holiday themed. My three picks were:

The constant back and forth and missed chances — will Sara and Jonathan end up together??! The flirty ice skating. The great soundtrack. Molly Shannon is one of the funniest people ever, if you ask me. Plus, any movie that is (at least partially) set in San Francisco automatically gets bonus points.

Dan in Real Life
The family crossword puzzle competitions. The, “I am an accomplished maker of pancakes” line. Ruthie Pig Face Draper. Oh, and, “YOU ARE A MURDERER OF LOVE!”

The Family Stone
Craig T. Nelson reminds me of my dad, so I always love movies where he plays the proud, at times unintentionally funny, protective father figure. The way he interacts with each one of his children in the movie is endearing and demonstrates his unique relationship with each of them. I especially love the scene where he is checking up on Susannah on Christmas Eve as she watches Meet Me in St. Louis.

Now, your turn. Pick three! 😉

P.S. Jim chose The Family Stone.

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