Things I’ve Googled

Happy Friday and welcome to this holiday-themed edition of Things I’ve Googled

Is there a feminist version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’?
Something that crossed my mind as I added the Willie Nelson/Norah Jones version to my playlist. Actually, I was thinking it would be funny if they switched up the male/female parts or modified the lyrics. Jimmy Fallon and Cecily Strong goofed on the song on SNL (back in 2013). The Washington Post ran an article that explained, “…as languages evolve, so too do words take on new meanings. Today, the song’s subtext finds itself at odds with basic notions of consent.” All this said, I’m still keeping it on my holiday playlist.

Cioppino recipe
My parents used to make cioppino (a fish stew) for Christmas Eve dinner and since they’ll be spending the holiday at our house, we thought we would continue the tradition. I cruised around Epicurious, Martha Stewart and Bon Appetit, checking out their recipes. Then, Jim (in his own Google searching) found that Williams-Sonoma makes a cioppino soup starter. So we’ll likely do a mashup with at least one of the recipes and the soup starter. Before Googling this, I hadn’t realized cioppino is a classic San Francisco dish! Growing up in the bay area, it makes total sense that we would eat it on a special occasion but I didn’t realize its geographic significance until now.

Fresh & Easy rosemary focaccia bread
When we lived in Las Vegas, we shopped at a neighborhood market called Fresh & Easy. The market was everything it’s name claimed. One of my favorite things to buy was their rosemary focaccia dough. I have been craving that delicious bread lately and I may just have to resort to making my own. This one? Or maybe this one.

Why do we kiss people under the mistletoe?
Short answer: Because a Greek goddess named Frigg said so.


Things I’ve Googled is an ongoing series and comes from one of the standard questions Jim and I ask each other when we get home. Often, it’s a good indicator of where our minds have wandered off to in the middle of the day and the topics usually make us laugh. So consider this part educational. Part oversharing. Part nonsense. Completely random.

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