The making of our Christmas card

I am one of those people who obsesses over paper ephemera. So, naturally, holiday cards are my favorite. This year was a particularly special year…

(although I think all of our cards tell a specific story) because I made them myself.

Over the summer, I took a Letterpress class offered through our local art museum. When the instructor mentioned that she offered her studio and Vandercook letterpress machine by the hour, I knew I would be back.

Letterpress is a type of printing, where a plate is inked and then pressed into sheets of paper with a printing press. I created a card design, sent it off for a plate to be made, bought paper and headed off to the studio.

Just as writing by hand creates an energy behind the words, the same held true for for me as I made my cards this year. I was having a moment in the studio as I hand cranked each card out for our family and friends. The physical energy I was able to give to each card meant something special.

This is my love language.

I started with the snowflakes and rolled the cards through without any ink to do a “blind” imprint.


Then, I added the red ink and rolled the front side through and then the inside. I had enough paper to make 200 cards (although we only sent 100 or so) so that means I cranked this bad boy 600 times. It sounds crazy, I know. I loved it.

Maybe one day I’ll open a Recovering Corporate Etsy shop. 


Thanks for letting me share this little peek behind the scenes. Here’s wishing you all a season of love.

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