Things I’ve Googled

My college roommates and I met up for sushi a few nights ago while everyone was in town for the holidays. I’m pretty certain there isn’t anyone on this earth who can make me laugh harder than this group. Maybe it’s the history of inside jokes, maybe it’s the surge of great stories that accumulate when you don’t see each other often, or the simple fact that some combination of the five of us shared a single room on and off for three years. Whatever it is, I’m so grateful for them and the inevitable laughter that ensues when we get together.

This list of things I’ve Googled comes largely in part from the conversations my friends and I had over dinner that night.

Thug Kitchen: (Not for those easily offended by foul language.) A blog turned book encouraging readers to Eat like you give a f*ck, ironically written by two white people in southern California. My friend recommended the Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Quinoa and Cranberries. On a similar note, if this kinda thing is funny to you, check out Thug Notes for a series of Cliff Notes-style synopses on classic literature. (It’s a few years old but always cracks me up.)

Hal Higdon: My friends are all runners. I am not. Well, unless you count high school track. (I haven’t done much running since.) They recommended I look up Hal for some help. Alternatively, as my friend, Nat said, “Well, all you really have to do to get started is just go outside and start running.” Truth. I love her.

How to make coffee: Last weekend I was staying at my parents house while they were out of town. I know this is ridiculous and I’m not quite sure what classic stereotype this puts me in (Millenial? Hipster? Privileged white girl?) but I will own it. I am so accustomed to specialty coffee makers and espresso machines that I had to Google how to make a pot of coffee in a classic coffee maker. (Face palm.) It reminded me of that scene in The Holiday when Cameron Diaz was like, Yeah I know how to light a fire. Where’s the switch? 

Is email plural?:  If I have multiple email messages to send, am I sending some email or some emails? New York Times says e-mailswhich led me to a second search, should I be writing email or e-mailNew York Times includes the hyphen, although the Associated Press recommends leaving it out. Well, as my dad says, indecision is the key to flexibility.


Things I’ve Googled is an ongoing series and comes from one of the standard questions Jim and I ask each other when we get home. Often, it’s a good indicator of where our minds have wandered off to in the middle of the day and the topics usually make us laugh. So consider this part educational. Part oversharing. Part nonsense. Completely random.

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