Here’s my card (and my confidence)

With the exception of a brief stint I had working at an ad agency out of college, my entire career up until last August was with the same employer. I started this collection of business cards – all with the same logo – with titles that progressed from my entry level position to intern, and then all the way up to vice president. I fantasized about one day framing them when I got to a senior enough position. Now that just seems ridiculous (and smug). It’s easy to get caught up in climbing the ladder. I mean, it’s a good thing to be ambitious and driven to get to the next level. But for me, the next level wasn’t the next rung on the ladder but the cape I acquired when I decided to jump off of it.

After I quit, I kept finding my old business cards everywhere; in pockets, purses, and suitcases, all reminding me what I had just left behind. Self doubt swirled and clouded my new vision for myself as I started to second guess my decision. What am I doing? Who am I now? That’s when I decided to make a business card for myself. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to be doing (marketing? writing? strategy? consulting? communications?) so I put ALL of it on the card and ordered 20 of them from Moo. I didn’t intend to give them to anyone. (And I didn’t, except for my parents and in-laws as some kind of silly proof that I was still doing something.) I guess in a way they were more like transitional confidence or security cards. I needed something to hold on to, literally and figuratively.

Then, two weeks ago, I ordered my latest business cards that I was so excited to give out at Altitude Summit last week. Alt Summit is a conference for creative entrepreneurs and exchanging business cards is a huge part of it.

As I met new people, it was an amazing thing – so empowering – to proudly exclaim almost like an announcement to the universe, as I handed them my card,

“Hi, I’m Rachel and I am a blogger.”

[Photos by Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit]

4 thoughts on “Here’s my card (and my confidence)

  1. I love this! For real though, so much of our identity is in our jobs, taking the plunge and quitting seems like your not only losing that income stream but your losing a part of yourself. Hope you aren’t regretting your decision to leave still, I’m working on figuring out how I’m going to achieve that one day as well. Best of luck!


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