Career Girl Daily

Really, how great does your coffee taste right now? Whew, helllllllo Monday!

The girls and I are slowly getting back to it after a weekend of non-stop fun visiting our closest family friends at their cabin in the mountains. Since it is Monday and all, maybe some work-related posts will help you get the week started right. Anybody? Yes! Well, here we go!

Back in December, I started contributing to Career Girl Daily, a blog centered around career, lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips for young women. It’s been fun writing for a younger demographic as I find myself recently nudged into a new age-range box. Here are a few of my posts over there if you are interested in reading more:

5 Tips For Asking Smart Questions In Meetings

Should You Sacrifice Love For Work?

5 Inspiring You Tube Videos Every Career Girl Should Watch

6 Ways To Get Ready To Start Working For Yourself In 2016

5 Investments For Your Career That Cost Less Than A Coffee

So, make it a great one today. And if you find yourself stumbling, take a move from Beyoncé. xo


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