Happy Presidents’ Day

Since a lot of us get to “sleep in” today in honor of the our nation’s presidents and GW’s birthday, I thought it might be good to remind everyone to double check your voting registration status. Last week, I went online and discovered I was listed as ineligible to vote in my county, which is unfortunate since the Nevada caucuses are coming up on 2/20 (D) and 2/23 (R) and my inquiry/update/request to become eligible again may not update in time. The good news is, I will be all set to go for the Nevada primary on June 14.

If you are curious when your state will be holding their caucus and primary elections, here is the 2016 Primary election schedule for reference. Remember,

“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” – George Jean Nathan

If you have one, enjoy your day off!

[Featured image of George and Martha Washington via]

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