Getting into grocery shopping

I once read somewhere: If you can’t get out of it, get into it*.  And that’s precisely what I did today as I prepared my grocery shopping list.

I am a list maker and live among piles of notebooks, scraps of paper, envelopes, and receipts adorned with little notes I’ve written to myself. This morning, as I opened and closed the refrigerator about three times and then did the same to my cabinets, I looked for something to start making my grocery list on. The item not the counter closest to me was a J.Crew catalog. Why not?! 


This post wasn’t meant to be a meal planning post but I had to share with you this amazing idea I stumbled across from Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. She made a master list of all the meals they eat for dinner and then puts a highlighted Post-it flag over the top if they plan to cook/eat it that week. Each day of the week is color coded. The following week, you just move the Post-it notes around. I think this is brilliant and I can’t wait to make my own for our refrigerator. Now when I ask Jim what he wants for dinner this week, I can just hand him the list.


Now, I’m off. Have a good one today!

* I think this is a Kris Kristofferson quote?

P.S. Please don’t shame me for my spelling errors. Mozzarella.

[Bottom photo: A Bowl Full Of Lemons]

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