Springtime is my favorite

Whew, ok. I’m done being sick, and now that that fever is gone and out of the way, I can focus on my raging case of Spring Fever over here. I am so excited, SO excited that overalls are BACK. In all honesty, I have zero budget to shop for a Spring wardrobe, but if I did, here are 10 pieces that would top my list.


1. H&M baseball tee

2. Banana republic denim shorts

3. Brown Saltwater Sandals (I have these in red and love.)

4. Madewell overalls !!!!

5. Pretty white Anthro shirt

6. Floral shorts from Boden

7. Pink Sandgrens clogs

8. Boden popover shirtdress

9. White Anthro dress

10. Black J. Crew sandal

Oh, those overalls make my 90’s teenage heart so happy. A must-have. For sure.

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