Inspiring ideas for a fresh home office space

One of my Spring projects is to spruce up my office space. When I was working from home in my corporate role, it was always tidy, a bit drab, and not at all distracting, or exciting for that matter. Over the course of the last six months, it has become a more creative space with a lot more energy… but it’s pretty disorganized and feels super cluttered.


I’ve been collecting some ideas here and there for little changes I want to make and the overall look and feel I’m hoping to create. I took some pictures a while back I’ll have to dig up and hope to tell a transformation photo story for you, once I make some progress. In the meantime, here are a few spaces I’ve bookmarked that are generating some inspiration.

One long desk | The Every Girl, photo by Melissa Oholendt


Home Story
Cork board wall | Coco Lapine Design, photo by Petra Bindel


Binti Home Blog
stenciled round table2
Round working table | Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
I love the idea of working from a round table and getting a seatee like this for the wall side. | Target

Centered table with pendant lamp | Style Me Pretty


View More:
Light and airy | Glitter Guide, photo by Krista A. Jones

Notice a trend? I think working from a round table would be so refreshing after years and years of sitting behind a (corporate) rectangular desk. The room I am working with, however, is tiny and oddly shaped. Also, I don’t currently have a round table, but a rectangular one, so there’s that to sort out as well.

How are you liking your office space these days? Do you feel like you need to revamp it every once in a while for a new burst of energy? Where do you go for inspiration or ideas? I would love some pointers if you care to leave any in the comments below. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

2 thoughts on “Inspiring ideas for a fresh home office space

  1. I had a cork board as a was fun. Every March, I deep clean my home. It gives me a reason to make a change, my round table will never leave. There is something about that table that makes everyone who sit’s there spill their gut’s! You can learn a lot from sitting at a round table..sometimes more than you want. 🙂


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