Thank you notes are my favorite

Friends, we are entering shower season which means you’re likely buying gifts for a bride or a mama to be, or you are on the receiving end and have some thank you cards to write in your near future. Here is a roundup of 13 lovely notes of gratitude I found while looking around. Does any one else’s heart skip a beat when you open the mailbox to find a special note from someone you care about? If you ask me, email will never do what the art of sending and receiving snail mail does for your soul.


  1. You are so sweet: Chatty press
  2. Grateful: Hartford prints
  3. Thank you postcards: Rifle Paper Co.
  4. Much obliged: Farewell Paperie
  5. Thanks: Iron curtain press
  6. Est.: Dinglewood Design
  7. Vines thank you: Eggpress
  8. Merci beaucoup: Rifle Paper Co.
  9. All of the above: Kate Spade
  10. Thank brew very much: Nourishing Notes
  11. Diaper pin thank you: Paper Source
  12. Orangerie personalized: Minted
  13. Floral thanks: Amazon

While we’re on the topic of gratitude, I just want to thank you all for your continued support with Recovering Corporate. It means so much to me that you’ve joined me on this ride. Thank you for following along. xo


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