Things I’ve Googled


Happy Good Friday to you! This time, six years ago, Jim and I were visiting my sister-in-law in Australia and spent Good Friday playing cricket and eating shrimp at the beach in Cronulla; probably my favorite adult Easter weekend on record. We consider this holiday weekend the official start of pastel season and I couldn’t be more excited. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and come Sunday, the chocolate will be flowing like wine. Jim even wore his pink gingham shirt today which makes me swoon. Wishing you full baskets and hearts and a weekend as refreshing as bare feet in the grass. Here’s a shortlist of things I Googled this week.

What does Ikea stand for?
This one was a riot to look up. Some of the answers I came across were fantastic. As such, here’s a little pop quiz for ya. Is it:

A. Swedish for particle board.
B. An acronym for I Keep Everything Away (like a storage system)
C. The initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, plus the first letters of the farm and village where he grew up;  Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd.

Ha! The correct answer is C.

How old do kids have to be to go an entire day without crying?
I mean honestly. Now that the girls are almost old enough to reason with, there are days I hear myself lecturing them Where are our smiles? Today is a wonderful day and we have everything we could ever need and mom and dad love you and life is beautiful (damnit!) I was comforted to see this exact question was asked by another parent on Baby Center. That said, I stopped reading the replies after a comment from another mom started, “Honey, I hate to break it to you…” I know one day, one glorious day, the madness will stop. It has to…right?

Using leaves and flowers when dying Easter eggs 
When I was grocery shopping this week, an older woman was scooping up onion peels from the vegetable display and we started talking about her plans for dying Easter eggs with them. She mentioned they also pick leaves and flowers and make imprints on their eggs. Doesn’t that sound cool? Martha has a tutorial.

Why is Kombucha good for you?
I admit, I drink kombucha knowing that it’s supposed to be good for you but not really knowing beyond the probiotics, why it’s good for you. Most of the stories I came across, didn’t have a lot of evidence either. “The bottom line is that we know very little about kombucha and how it may affect health.” (NPR) Also, “Most of the big curative claims about kombucha are unfounded: there have been just a few animal studies on it, and no solid research has been done on people.” (Washington Post) Well, cheers.

Sydney, 2010


Things I’ve Googled is an ongoing series and comes from one of the standard questions Jim and I ask each other when we get home. Often, it’s a good indicator of where our minds have wandered off to in the middle of the day and the topics usually make us laugh. So consider this part educational. Part oversharing. Part nonsense. Completely random.

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