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If you follow me on Snapchat (RecoveringCorp) you know that last night, Jim and I had a hot date at our alma mater for an event put on by our journalism school. A photographer came by and asked if he could take our picture, “For the society pages.” We giggled at the formality of his request. “But of course…”

Nostalgia can’t help but creep its way in whenever I find myself visiting an old familiar place and last night was no exception. Nostalgia was totally our third wheel. Memories transport you back. You can’t help but feel excited for all those soon-to-be graduates. There is energy in their voices and such eagerness in their hearts to get out and make something of themselves in the ‘real world’. It’s inspiring. I think that’s why I’ve been enjoying my time writing for Career Girl Daily, a blog centered around career, lifestyle, fashion, and beauty tips for young women.

In case you are interested, burgeoning career girl or not, here are a few of the latest posts I’ve been working on:

P.S. More of my Career Girl Daily articles, from the archive.

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