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Hey, hey Friday! This weekend is gonna be a fun one. I’m excited to get some Spring skiing in with Jim, even though he disappears faster than a box of girl scout cookies. (I like to take in the scenery at more of a snail’s pace by comparison.) At least I can sneak in some kisses on the chairlift. It’s been a while since we’ve said hello to the lake. (^^^ This was the last time we skied together a year ago! #plaidisforlovers) I hope the weekend brings some sun your way. Here are a few things I Googled this week.

How to hang the American flag
File this one under useful information I should have known yesterday. In case you missed it, I posted some photos of our latest house project this week and didn’t realize we had hung the American flag the wrong way. (Face palm!) Huge thanks to my mom for her keen eye and for keeping me on speed dial. She should really come out of retirement to be my editor. Also – if you hang the flag upside down – did you know that’s a sign that you are in distress? Also, new information. Thanks to Google and my mom for keeping me (and my flag) straight.

What does it mean if you dream you chopped all of your hair off?
The other night, I dreamt that I took a pair of our kitchen scissors and whacked off all my hair. Chop chop chop, without hesitation or care. It was completely botched and only later was I so mortified when I looked in the mirror. What was I thinking? Why did I dream this?  A couple explanations:

“To dream that you are cutting your hair suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits.” (Dream Moods) // “To dream of a haircut that cuts off long hair or too much hair represents a lost power or freedom. It may also reflect an undesirable change in your life.” (Dream Bible)

Undesirable change, what, like now having to clean toilets? Touché.

Difference between pasta sauce and marinara
To my surprise, there are several competing opinions on this topic. I found some heated discussions out there on the interwebs and honestly, I get it. I take my pasta consumption seriously, too. I read marinara sauce is made from tomatoes, tomato juice, oregano, garlic, basil and olive oil. I also read marinara sauce has some kind of fish in it (marin, marina, marino). It seems pasta sauce is more just manufactured tomato sauce. I’ll have to do some double checking on ingredient labels the next time I’m at the store buying Harper’s red sauce. The right kind this time. Because that’s why she didn’t eat her dinner. Mhmm.

Why do baby boomers use ALL CAPS?
Don’t worry, Dad, you’re not alone. I just started wondering why the people of the boomer generation are more likely to write in all caps, both electronically and by hand. I thought it might have something to do with the military, and it does. Taking it back to the old school when Teletypes were used (think Telegraph and Telegram) that were so cool but only had letters in upper case. “Since the 19th century, all official Navy communications have been written that way, a legacy of primitive technology combined with the service’s love of tradition.” (Wall Street Journal) <– This article goes on to explain how in the last three years, the Navy abandoned the use of all caps and moved to standard mixed-case sentences for their communications. BTW – DDO – I ATE THE LAST OF THE ICE CREAM OVER EASTER. SORRY. LOVE YOU. XO (And anyway, having no ice cream in the house is totally a big enough deal to shout about.)


Things I’ve Googled is an ongoing series and comes from one of the standard questions Jim and I ask each other when we get home. Often, it’s a good indicator of where our minds have wandered off to in the middle of the day and the topics usually make us laugh. So consider this part educational. Part oversharing. Part nonsense. Completely random.

One thought on “Things I’ve Googled

  1. This is the BEST tomato sauce in the universe! Of all time! DO NOT LET ITS SIMPLICITY FOOL YOU. It is so freaking delicious! It will blow your mind. Your kids will gobble it up. PLUS – big plus – it is not loaded with sugar like the jarred stuff in the grocery store. Honestly that stuff is so horribly bad for you. Here’s the sauce: You’ll never go back, I hope! xoxoxoxo


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