You got this. There’s work to do.

A funny thing happened yesterday. I was putting some stuff away in the girls’ room and my Fitbit started vibrating. What is that? I logged onto the app from my phone to discover I had walked over 10,000 steps (4.52 miles to be exact) without even leaving the house.

Some days I get real defensive against the imaginary voices in my head that ask, what do you do all day or why are you tired? Voices that stem from my insecurity that I’m choosing a path that isn’t interesting, ambitious or “enough”.

Yesterday represents the answer to those questions. It was one of those non-stop days, where someone continually needed something while there were three other projects happening simultaneously. “One thing at a time!” I heard myself unintentionally raising my voice in response to the girls.

When I left corporate America, I knew going in I was choosing the harder job in staying home. Every day I have to remind myself, you knew this was going to be challenging for you. And yet, with every passing week, I’m still surprised at how intense home life can get.

Please don’t take this the wrong way — this isn’t meant to be whining. Just a reminder to myself that I walked four and a half miles in my house yesterday. That seems crazy. That’s a lot of trips to the garbage can, right?

So let’s quiet the voices in our heads and carry on, shall we? There’s work to do.



One thought on “You got this. There’s work to do.

  1. Thank you! It means so much coming from you. It’s hard, isn’t it?! Yep. You can say it with great authority having been on both sides. Bravo for sharing!!


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