Mother’s Day gift guide

Hey guys, happy flashback Friday! That’s my mom, in 1976 at Monterey Beach. She was competing in a sailboat race (and lost) but still made the paper! Only my mother, who gets worse motion sickness than me, loves sailing so much that she grins and bears it (in a bikini no less) no matter how many times she has to “feed the fish”. She and my dad actually once turned a boat around on their way to Catalina island because she was just too sick to make the trip.

Here is a collection of 10 lovely Mother’s Day gifts with my mom in mind. (Sadly, a cure to motion sickness is not one of them.) Pssst! Mom – spoiler alert!

Recovering Corporate | Mother's Day Gift Guide

  1. Walnut tablet stand | To help prop up that new recipe she’s dying to try.
  2. Marble coasters | Because she’s always asking you to use one.
  3. Copper watering can | Something she for sure won’t hide under the sink.
  4. Vintage bird personalized stationery | Since she’s the one who taught you to love snail mail.
  5. Modern dinner bells | Because they are fun and she would really use one.
  6. Glass straws | For grownup drinks. A step up from the kind she gives her granddaughters.
  7. Take note candle | Because she believes nothing holds a candle to your thoughtful words.
  8. Ceramic bird feeder | To treat the ones she talks to in the yard.
  9. Citrus wreath | To brighten any room, just like her.
  10. Mom engraved idiom bangle | Engraved with her greatest hits like go play outside and sit up.


Have a great weekend! We’ll see you back here on Tuesday. xo

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