Our ‘Throwback Thursday’ date

Every now and then, we let the girls have a “special night” which means they get to eat their dinner in front of the TV and watch a show, while Jim and I sit down for a proper meal, together, alone in the kitchen and actually talk to each other. “Special nights” are a welcome break from the witching hour(s) that often take place between 5:00-8:00 p.m.

During one recent special night, Jim went to put on some music but only played one song. He told me I had to choose the next one. So I did. Then I handed it back to him. We went back and forth like this throughout our entire meal and reminisced over the places these songs took us back to. (Most transported us back to the 90’s, of course.)

We have a Sonos speaker in our kitchen that we control using an app on our phones. You can play music from Pandora, Spotify or from music on your phone that you’ve purchased elsewhere. It’s pretty much the best DJ device, ever. We would just look up a song and select “Play Next” or “Add to Queue” to build our playlist as we erupted in laughter.

Recovering Corporate spotify

Here’s the eclectic soundtrack to our dinner that night, in case you care to laugh and rock along with us. What are your favorite songs from the 90’s? Should we start a collaborative playlist for RC readers? I’ll totally do it.


[Photo above taken from a throwback date pre-kids in 2009, although Jim pretty much wore the exact same thing today, bless his heart.]


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