A case for writing more postcards

By now you know, I love snail mail- both sending and receiving. (As demonstrated here, here, here, and here in case you’re new around these parts and this is brand new information. And if you are new, hello! Welcome! I’m glad you dropped by.)

While I was in San Miguel, I picked up a few postcards to send to my friends and family and had the best time one afternoon, listening to music on the rooftop deck of our rental, writing little notes to my people.

I mailed the postcards the day I was leaving, with full knowledge that I would beat them home. And that got me thinking; I should have written a postcard to myself.

When you’re on vacation, you feel all the feels and you make grand promises to come home with new goals and a fresh perspective. The thing is, it only takes a few days back in the old routine to help you lose your inspiring vacation imagination.

What if, after a few weeks of being home, you received a postcard from your vacationing self?! A simple reminder straight from the source, encapsulating all the energy and perspective you wished you could bottle up and save for later when you need it most! The ultimate souvenir.

Next time, I’m totally doing it.

2 thoughts on “A case for writing more postcards

  1. Years ago, I started a tradition to mail myself a postcard anytime I went on a trip, in place of buying a souvenir (I have minimalist tendencies). My husband and I write a little synopsis of our favorite highlights of the trip and the postcard’s size limits the time you spend on it. We fill it out and mail it on the last day, and the postmark helps me remember when and where we were.

    It frees me of the idea that I have to buy something to remember a place, so I can fully enjoy the trip and I only buy something if I really love it. Getting that little surprise a few days after returning home and having a little timeline of our travels to display is great. The only downside is that postcards are becoming harder to come by these days, so sometimes I end up spending too much time tracking one down…


    1. Yes! Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Erin! It’s really a brilliant idea and I can just picture what a fun collection you’ve created from your trips. So cool.


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