RomComs are my favorite

I’ll be in Seattle the rest of this week to be with Jim and help his parents transition to their new assisted living apartment. I couldn’t sleep the night before I left town and for some reason, random movie lines kept running through my mind.

I’m thankful that Jim is a softie at heart and doesn’t mind watching romantic comedies. We have a few that have a consistent presence on our “pick three” lists. Sometimes we’ll just put a movie on to run in the background on a Sunday while we make dinner and prep for the week ahead, calling out our favorite lines as they pass. Then later on, we will cherry pick lines, randomly toss them at each other and share a smile. Here are five of our favorites.

Elizabethtown. Because our relationship began long-distance, I think we have an appreciation for the marathon phone call shared between Claire and Drew. Also, Cameron Crowe is the master of movie soundtracks and Elizabethtown is proof. Favorite lines: I use Chuck & Cindy’s wedding tagline, loving life loving you on some of my Instagram hashtags. // Jim was driving in Seattle and got lost and I yelled, “60B!”

Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s a bit of a raunchy movie, but makes us laugh and I have a big crush on Paul Rudd. Favorite lines: “Do less” // “What’s up? My legs that’s what.” // “I’m Samantha…”

It’s Complicated. Because Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin are pure genius. And the Nancy Meyers lifestyle porn, of course. Jim loves that her shrink has an Airedale Terrier. Favorite line: “I’m having an affair with Agnes Adler’s husband.”

The 5 Year Engagement. Jason Segel is just a likably funny guy and Jim has a big crush on Emily Blunt. This one is a bit long and loses us around a sandwich shop but comes back around to my favorite city in the end. When I want to stay home and eat day-old doughnuts it provides another opportunity to poke fun. Favorite lines: “Oh, you’re gonna get the show.” // “Cucurrucucú paloma”

How to lose a guy in 10 days. Two beautiful people who work in advertising and publishing. Andy’s collection of stunning open back dresses. Witty, flirty banter. Favorite lines: “Bullshiiiit mama!” // “Our kids are really… attractive.”


What would you add to that list? Some honorable mentions for us include Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached << essentially the same movie with different beautiful people acting in them. Do you and your sweetheart have a collection of movie lines you will randomly reference, too?

Be back tomorrow with an overdue edition of Things I’ve Googled. Catch ya then.

2 thoughts on “RomComs are my favorite

  1. “I Love You, Man” is such a funny and underrated movie. So many amazing one liners and Paul Rudd and Jason Segel make the best duo!
    Favorite Lines: “I will see you there or I will see you on another time.” // “Totes McGotes” // “Slappin’ Da Bass!” // “Watch the leg…Boom!”


    1. I’m laughing so hard right now. Ok, true story – over the weekend we visited Jim’s Godparents and found out his 82 year old Godfather still plays bass every Sunday at church. To which I replied, “You’re still slappin’ da bass, Glenn?!” Because I can’t help myself.

      Love it. Awesome add, Jinan.


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