Lake days are my favorite

Jim and I are lake people, through and through. Early on in our relationship, I was relieved when we agreed that we would choose a mountain lake over the ocean any day. We each spent our childhood summers visiting different lakes along the west coast; it’s what we know and love.

Our family was lucky enough to spend several days throughout the month of June enjoying the sunshine at Lake Almanor. We rented a cozy little cabin with our good friends who have two kids around the same ages as the girls. We played on the beach. We ate outside. We rode bikes. We went for morning runs. We had coffee on the deck. We went on the boat. We taught Oaks to swim. We watched the strawberry moon rise over the lake. (Did you catch that one on Snapchat?! I may have had wine and sang a little.) It’s easy to say we had a magical time. Even after Jim had to leave early to be with his parents in Washington, it was a relief to have the lake to distract the girls from their dad being gone.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures we took.

IMG_5686From my journal:

“I’m sitting on the beach watching the sun glisten as it reflects off the lake and I can feel the tension drain from my body into the sand as the girls scoop it up in shovels and carry it down to the water. The echo of a fire engine sounds in the distance — carry on — we need no rescuing here.” (I wrote this before Jim’s unexpected and abrupt departure to take care of his dad who is battling cancer. It’s remarkable how quickly life can change – quite literally, overnight.)


And here are a few of my favorite items that we brought with us:


1. My year-round wardrobe staple // Patagonia Nano Puff Vest
2. A functional accessory // PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent Wristband
3. Cozies for when you’ve eaten all the brownies // Patagonia Ahnya Pant 
4. The sneakers I can’t quit // Superga Classic
5. The best swim shorts ever made // Kata Swim Short • Athleta 
6. My friend Haley brought one for greyhounds and fresh OJ // Cuisinart Citrus Juicer
7. Yoga mat flip flops // Sanuk Yoga Bliss • Sanuk 
8. Insect repellent that smells like summer camp // Babyganics
9. Waterproof slip-ons for the girls // TOMS Rompers
10. Kids’ picnic table that folds flat // Amazon Prime
11. For homemade bubble solution // Beverage Dispenser – Target
12. Our family favorite travel bag // Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

What have you been up to this summer? Are you a lake person, too? There’s something about the smell of pine trees… it’s intoxicating. Right Oaks? >>>


Wherever your adventures take you this weekend, may happy memories abound. xo

One thought on “Lake days are my favorite

  1. Every summer, my extended family rents floating houses on a lake in the mountains of eastern Tennessee. Until recently, there was no wifi, no TV, and no cell service, and even now, what there is isn’t great. It’s a week of complete unwinding and fun, with kayaks, stand up paddleboards, jet skis, tubing and wakeboarding, swimming, board games, and family theme night dinners. We don’t go every year because it’s a 10-12 hour drive for us, but we did take the twins this year for their first trip. Wrangling two 14-month-olds on a floating house in a lake was somewhat ridiculous, but it was such a nice escape! We’re definitely lake people, too.


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