Happy Friday

Happy Friday, you guys. Fridays are the best. With the promise of a fun weekend ahead and the collective relief that everyone seems to wear – the contentment is contagious.

I have a confession.

There was a time, oh five or six years ago, when I didn’t get it. I would observe moms at home with their sweet babies exclaim, “TGIF!” and I didn’t understand. You’re a stay-at-home mom ~ isn’t every day a Friday for you? This terrible misconception of mine was expressed in the tone of Elle Woods… Staying home – What? Like it’s hard? 


The irony of the stay-at-home mom is that they rarely are – home that is. Unless of course, a kid is sick, a child is under the age of six months or the laundry situation has gotten so out of hand, nobody has any clean underpants to wear.

Really, my SAHM strategy is — get in the car — then we’ll figure out where we’re going. Anywhere but here! Just get in the car! 

The difference is, on the weekend, typically your whole family is home which means you get a bit of a break. You also get a nice reminder of how nice it is to be a family and to do things together. Events and outings are more special and seem less like tasks and more like big weekend stuff. Even if it’s just a trip to home depot – it’s bonding. I don’t know why the Monday-Friday errands can’t take on the same feel – they just don’t. Maybe we need to start eating more mid-week bacon? Perhaps that could help.

I would like to formally apologize to those moms I secretly threw shade at so many years ago before throwing shade was even a saying. I get it now. You’re happy it’s Friday and you should be. I’m sorry. Fridays are awesome – for everyone.

So, happy Friday to those mamas who have changed their shirt multiple times already today and are patiently waiting for the sweet sound of the garage door opening signaling backup is home. // Happy Friday to those of you who are on the East and had to accept a late conference call from one of those a-holes* on the west who sets up a 2:30 meeting to ruin your happy hour review something important. // Happy Friday to the parent who cuts out of work early because they can’t wait to hear their kid shout their name and run from across the playground to jump in their arms – even if two minutes later they will refuse to go in their carseat. // Happy Friday to the brave, brave soul who tries to make a “quick” stop at the grocery store with their kids this afternoon around 5:00. Fingers crossed for you that nobody else has snagged the car grocery cart.

Yes. A happy, happy Friday to each and every one of you. I hope you have a great weekend.



* Regrettably, I was totally one of those a-holes once.

[Photos by Gagewood]

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. I love every bit of this! I laughed as I was guilty on the “one quick stop” at the grocery store at 6pm in the last week and it was horrrrendous! At least I still have my optimism since I actually thought it would be smooth. Can we curse the little tiny shopping carts that look so cute when someone else’s child pushes them, but cause me huge bruises from kids running them into my heels? Ok, thanks. 🙂


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