Things I’ve Googled

Hey! Thanks for the help with last week’s Things I’ve Googled. I called for a little help from my friends on IG stories last Thursday night. You guys always pull through. I loved reading your notes back! These top two are mine — heavily focused on how to remove this week. Ha. I hope your Monday is off to a great start. Have a good one! xo

The best way to remove splinters from fingers
The girls have been making good friends with our neighbors at the fence line this summer, begging for cherry tomatoes from their garden. The neighbors are always so kind and patient to fulfill the girls’ ongoing demands which inevitably keeps them going back to climb the fence for more. In addition to getting their daily fill of fruits and veggies, they have also gotten many a splinters in their fingers. This baking soda method looks like it could be a great option.

How to remove super glue from granite countertops
While Jim was gone in July, our address fell off our house. You know that lit box that has the numbers on it? Ours flew off in a wind storm and shattered into four different pieces. I wouldn’t have cared all that much except we were in the middle of refinancing our house and the appraisal was the next day. Being able to find our house was kiiiiind of important and showing our house in the best possible condition was also a bit of a priority. So I hastily glued together the broken pieces on the island of our kitchen and some of the super glue seeped through the flimsy paper towel barrier I used. Googled advised that rubbing alcohol should help. I still need to try it.

Contributions from RC readers

How much does Simone Biles weigh? // – Jill
Because how does someone so tiny has that much power in their body? Crazy to think she is just 4′ 8″ and 104 pounds.

Can snakes slither backward? // – Kristin
Googled after a close encounter in her courtyard left her wondering. Thankfully, the answer (and always my answer when snakes are involved) is no.

How do you pronounce the word meme? // – Mary
Is it may-may? Mem? Meeem? Me-me? Answer: “Meem,” with a long ‘e’ sound. Rhymes with “team” or “beam”. Here’s a good example in case you have no idea what this actually memes means.

The right way to hang the toilet paper roll // – Erin
To settle an ongoing argument – over or under… the argument and the verdict is over.


Things I’ve Googled is an ongoing series and comes from one of the standard questions Jim and I ask each other when we get home. Often, it’s a good indicator of where our minds have wandered off to in the middle of the day and the topics usually make us laugh. So consider this part educational. Part oversharing. Part nonsense. Completely random.


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