Introducing Rachel Currantly

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

-Nora Neale Hurston

About a month ago, Recovering Corporate turned a year old. That same week, an opportunity came knocking, and I curiously answered. Remember this post about Sliding Doors? It’s funny how things surprisingly come back around. Next Monday, I will be starting a new job at a local ad agency.

In my very first post here, I wrote about struggling with how to tell my daughters that I up and left my career.

“I will tell them that I quit my job to open up some space to find and do just those things for myself. And that if it weren’t for them, I might not have been able to see how far I was straying from my true self by relying on what I did to also answer the question of who I am. And of course, I will tell them, that I quit my job to dedicate more time doing the most important work of all, being their mom.”

This last year has given me the chance to evaluate my priorities and what’s most important in this life. I’ve been able to spend real, quality time with my girls. I crossed a big item off my bucket list! I’ve been able to be present and available for my family, especially my husband this summer, as he supported his dad who is undergoing cancer treatment. I’ve been able to completely reset, recharge, and refocus. Now, I’m ready and excited to get back to work.

I may no longer be Recovering from Corporate life, but I certainly am interested in staying connected to all of you who have graciously supported me and this blog over the last year. I’ve decided to transition this space to a monthly newsletter where I’ll feature my thoughts on work, home, and family life, share playlists, articles, and of course, things I’ve Googled. I also plan to continue the How She Does it interviews. The difference is, you’ll get an email sent to your inbox once a month rather than need to click over to the blog. (Although the blog will still be here.)

If you haven’t done so already, scroll down to the bottom of this site and click on “Follow by email” and you’ll be added to the monthly newsletter list. 

Thank you for every encouraging thought, comment, and high five you’ve given along the way. I’m ever grateful. Cheers to new beginnings!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Rachel Currantly

  1. Congratulations Rachel. I have been wondering where one of my favorite post had gone. Looking forward to following your new journey with you. 👏🏻💕


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