Pencils are my favorite

This is one of those posts that will likely only be interesting to me but I’m putting it out there anyway in the event someone else has an appreciation for well designed (and funny!) writing instruments.

My thoughtful friend, Vaungaylyn once delivered me a bouquet of pencils in the spirit of romantic comedies by Nora Ephron.

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” – Joe Fox, You’ve Got Mail

Here are a few I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection.

Blunt bitch | Sioux Alice

Audrey Hepburn | Life is Rosier

Favorite things | ACD Shop

Get shit done | Breakout Press Co.

Idioms | Kate Spade

Mean girls | The Carbon Crusader

A few years ago I took a calligraphy class and the instructor talked about the art of the written word and the energy behind hand lettering that a printer could never replicate. That resonated with me, a lot. It helped to explain my appreciation for snail mail and why I insist on writing out all of the addresses on our holiday cards every year. I have a scanned copy of a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother in the 1930’s. The handwritten address, the stamp, the postmark, it’s all the more special. I’ve been wanting to enlarge a copy and frame it to hang somewhere in our house like this for a while. And let me add, its not about having lovely or illegible handwriting. One of my favorite moments of recognition at my former job was when my boss’ boss sent me a handwritten thank you note. Considering the corporation I worked for and how much easier it would have been to just send an email, I took it as a tremendous compliment.

One thought on “Pencils are my favorite

  1. WELL…I was loving this post even BEFORE a shout-out and favorite quote! Thank you! Fun fact…we are absolutely having a mind-meld this week. I posted a bouquet of sharpened pencils I received from my mother in celebration of the first day of fall!
    Cheers, friend. I love these pencils, these ideas, and this sentiment just as much as you do…

    …and I ALWAYS hand write the addresses on my holiday cards!



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