My Spotify playlist of favorite holiday tunes

The holiday season is in full swing, and so is my skirt as I sway to the music down the hallways of my house.

Here are a few songs that have simply been my jam the last week or so. Most are new (to me) coffee house-style covers.

  1. Straight No Chaser | 12 Days of Christmas (crank it at 1:30) !!
  2. Meaghan Smith | It Snowed
  3. Mindy Smith | It Really Is (A Wonderful Life)
  4. Good Lovelies | Auld Lang Syne
  5. The Well Pennies | Jingle Bells
  6. Willie Nelson & Nora Jones | Baby it’s Cold Outside

If you care to follow me on Spotify, I set up a public playlist Holiday on repeat. What more should I add?

[Photo: Michael Yarish/AMC]

2 thoughts on “My Spotify playlist of favorite holiday tunes

  1. I owe you some serious great kruse on this one–prepare for a text video! Also, I’d add Santa Baby. Love it…but choosing the right version is crucial. I’m sampling!


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