10 random things I’ve noticed as a new SAHM

Now that I am home more, I’ve been noticing a few new and random things. Here’s a shortlist of observations and key learnings I’ve made over the last three months.

  1. Attempting to run errands with the girls is an absolute waste of time. Unless, run errands is code for taking marathon naps in the car.
  2. I check the weather compulsively.
  3. Podcasts make laundry and dishes go by faster.
  4. I’m always aware of the day of the week but often need to double check the date of the month.
  5. The inside of the closet door should really have a lock on it.
  6. We go through a whole lot more soap, toilet paper, and coffee.
  7. I see all the little things that need fixing around here, like how mangled the blinds on our windows are.
  8. I wave at the Waste Management truck drivers. (Also, the mail person, UPS and Fed Ex delivery people.)
  9. The knees in my jeans are wearing suuuuuper thin.
  10. 5 p.m. in the winter feels like 8 p.m. Every night when I look at the clock and realize I would just be getting off work makes me feel so grateful to already be home.

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