Dear Diary

Before kids, I would journal a lot. I would pour my heart and creativity onto blank pages, asking questions that I would hope would turn into answers one day. Then, after Harper and Elliot were born, time became a showdown of personal choices and time management (eat or shower, write or sleep, etc.). I toned down the art and simply wrote when I could. Last summer, when I was really struggling with the choice I inevitably made to leave my job, I was writing every morning. Have you heard of the morning pages writing exercise? I did that.

In my journal, I have a good stretch of pages that I haven’t (and likely won’t) go back to read for a while. (Hashtag too soon.) Here’s a page I did revisit today from 2010 where I used the insides of security envelopes to frame my entry. It’s amusing to me that even six years ago, before kids, I was questioning corporate life.


Karen Warlord of Chookooloonks made a seemingly obvious yet aha! point in one of our sessions last week; we all need to practice our craft. I realized that I stopped writing for exercise when I started writing for this blog. Athletes train. Pianists do scales, practice and rehearse. Singers warm up their voices. Lightbulb moment – my posts here shouldn’t be my exercise. I need to write more.

So I’m gonna.

Thanks for the opportunity to share a little personal business here today. Is there anything you are looking and meaning to practice more of? Let’s do it together! xo

P.S. Speaking of writing, it’s time to start thinking about what to say in our Valentines… Tomorrow I have a roundup of some of my favorite V Day cards to nerd-out with you over.

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