This Valentine’s Day, express yourself

I’m just saying, when Madonna tells you to express yourself, you should buy a kick ass Valentine’s Day card.

By now, you guys know, one of my most favorite ways of expressing my love for people is through cards. YAY CARDS! So Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays I get really goofy excited about (crank up the Madonna!) since it is centered on getting love mail. As I was shopping for a card for Jim, I bookmarked some of my favorites and thought I would share 14 (that number was completely a coincidence) of my favorites with you here.

1. You’re my lobster
2. You fog my spectacles
3. Ski lift heart
4. My favorite 3 letters are your initials
5. Let’s make out
6. Perfect Pair
7. Je T’aime
8. Byron, Percy & Shelley poetry heart
9. Mi Amor
10. You’re my side A
11. You’re my everything (bagel)
12. Home is wherever I’m (arguing over what to do for dinner) with you
13. Olive Juice
14. I love you to pizzas

..You don’t need diamond rings
Or eighteen karat gold
fancy cars that go very fast
You know they never last, no, no…

P.S. If you need some tips on what to write inside the card, Hallmark has a few good ideas here.


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