My trick to fake a tidy kitchen

Now that we’re home a lot more, especially with the weather being so cold lately, some days it seems impossible to keep the house clean. Our house is on the smaller side, which is helpful, because there isn’t that much to actually clean. With limited space though, it doesn’t take much or very long for it to look like a bomb has gone off.

We hit a rather big milestone with Elliot last month; we finally got rid of her bottles. Yes, she is 2. Yes, the doctor and dentist told us it was time. Yes, it was a doozy to figure out. (More so than with Harper…again, the amazing difference of the second child!) I care not if you judge our delayed bottle quitting. The point is, we did it and now our house is bottle-free for the first time in almost four years. Let me clarify, our house is baby bottle-free. Important distinction (insert wine emoji here).

The other night, as I was washing dishes, I paused and had a moment of silence and gratitude for not having any bottles to wash in the sink. (Angel chorus!) We also use our spaghetti pot to cook actual spaghetti now.

You see, with the constant barrage of baby bottles lingering here and there, it was frustrating to my OCD that we never had an empty sink. That is, until I repurposed our pretty spaghetti pot as stovetop decor and used it to hide the dirty bottles until it came time to wash them. Sneaky, sneaky.

So that’s it, friends, my trick to faking a tidy kitchen is this – find clever ways to hide that sh*t. Now, your turn. What tricks do you have to share? My house and I thank you in advance.


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