Sound associations

A funny thing happened the other day when I was out and about. An alert sounded on another woman’s phone and it was actually the sound I use for my morning alarm. Has this ever happened to you? It was such a silly moment in my head. Time to wake up.

I use the Uplift sound on my iPhone for my morning alarm. In the past, I have used Harp, which I found amusing. (I’ll get woken up by one harp or the other…)

While we’re on the topic, this sunrise simulation alarm looks super interesting to me. There are 20 different brightness settings and the idea is, the clock will light up over a period of time to help awaken your body more naturally  and gradually, simulating the sun. If you think about it, even the word alarm is such a bummer for the first thing you encounter when you wake up. I mean, my mornings are alarming. But what if they didn’t have to be? How nice would it be to gently wake up to the rising of the sun? What a lovely thought.

P.S. A recap of my 30 day challenge is coming up on Monday!

One thought on “Sound associations

  1. I’ve wanted a sunrise alarm forever. I think I was swooning over one from LLBean for a while. My Apple Watch has a similar feature and it does work! (I resisted the urge to talk about another Apple device for a while, but I can’t help it anymore.)


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