#mumboss podcast | Balancing work and motherhood

I was ever so flattered when Rachel Maskell, host of the #mumboss podcast, asked me if I would be willing to join her on her show to talk about balancing work and motherhood.

This is a topic that’s certainly been covered far and wide but will always spark some spirited and genuine conversations rooted in earnest learning and personal growth, because we are mothers, we are career women, and this is our livelihood.

On Episode 3 of Season 2, I talk with Rachel about time management, setting boundaries, and confronting your guilt. Tune in to the #mumboss podcast featuring me (!) available now and free to download on iTunes.

#mumboss is a lifestyle podcast with my friend, Rachel Maskell. She is a wife and mum dedicated to travel and the constant pursuit of new sites, sounds and ideas. Rachel believes the world is a better place when we embrace our happiness. You can subscribe for updates at mumboss.com


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