Secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies

A couple weeks ago when I was in Washington visiting Jim’s parents, my sister-in-law introduced me to a secret ingredient she adds to her chocolate chip cookies. We both use the Toll House cookie recipe you can find on the back of the bag (or here). I usually add a touch more flour and sometimes I use Trader Joe’s chocolate chunks instead of the traditional morsels. To my surprise, my sister-in-law adds coconut!

So now, I’m sure some of you just said, “Oooh!” as others said, “Ewww!” depending on where your love for coconut falls on the baking scale. I have some friends whose feelings about coconut equal my feelings for raisins — I get it — this secret ingredient may not be for you. But, if you are a coconut, I think you will love that little extra hint of flavor it adds in the cookie, and it also seems to make them softer and a bit chewy. I may have eaten four in a row*.

On Sunday, I woke up with a completely stiff neck thanks to a fever Ellie ended up having all weekend (I’m now convinced Mom Nose is totally a thing) and required me to carry or hold her for pretty much 36 hours straight. The extra snuggles sure did a number on my heart but, also on my neck and shoulders. Since Jim won’t be home until Saturday, I called in reinforcements and dialed Nana-911. Because is there anything your mom and a warm chocolate chip cookie can’t fix?

My mom is also a big fan of coconut, so we couldn’t wait to try out this new spin on the classic cookie we love. We made the classic Toll House cookie dough, added a little over a cup of coconut and then chilled the dough for an hour or so while we went out for pizza.

How do you feel about coconut? I know it’s a love/hate ingredient. It certainly made this Huffington Post list of top foods people hate, along with raisins, blue cheese, and ketchup (three of my least favorites). Let me know what you think in the comments. Food aversions spark the funniest stories!

Thank you Auntie Christi for this delicious new take on an old family favorite. We love your cookies…but we love you more. xo

* I opted out of swimsuit season.

[Photos by Harper and my mom]

5 thoughts on “Secret ingredient chocolate chip cookies

  1. The days of making cookies (chocolate chip of course) with you, my sweet daughter, have become few and far between so making them with you today was pretty special! 💕And to have Harper up on a chair, holding your camera, taking our photo was priceless. Thank you for our special time together. 🍪
    P.S. I love coconut (and raisins and catsup – yup, that’s how we used to spell ketchup).
    ❤️ Mama/Nana


  2. Not a coconut lover or ketchup but raisins any day on anything! You can always send some cookies up here!


    xx. Miss you Rach!

    PS. Love the mixer!


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