Flowcharts are my favorite

Anyone else feel like too many hours of their life have been spent creating (and editing, and editing more) flowcharts in Visio or PowerPoint? Smart Art has a way of killing you softly – am I right? Or maybe it’s just the subject at hand, because these brilliant flowcharts and graphs are a breath of fresh air from the cube farm.

Big life questions

(Becky Simpson // chipperthings.com)


Lyrics from The Beatles 


(Love All This // Hey Jude Flowchart)

Graphs on real life issues

(Chaz Hutton AKA Insta-Chaaz)

One thought on “Flowcharts are my favorite

  1. Great post! Would you be able to suggest an alternative to Visio/PowerPoint? One that might alleviate or reduce the resources allocated?


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