Checking in

It’s been quiet around here as my family and I have been on vacation in Lake Tahoe over the long weekend and into this week. We’re heading home tomorrow and I have a lineup of new posts coming your way starting next Tuesday. In the meantime, here are a few popular posts from the archives. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe – do it – this place is heaven on earth.

On working // not working
Trials of the working mom
The writing on the corporate wall
6 thoughtful tips for traveling as a working mom
Do it anyway

Life in general
The shamrock cookies that weren’t
Not knowing can be easy. Not knowing can be hard.
What happened when I stopped sleeping with my phone
The making of our Christmas card

Family related posts
Our favorite stuff for daycare
Getting told by your toddler
Careful! (My new drinking game)
Do you ever hide from your kids?

Best of Things I’ve Googled 2016
January 22 | Things I’ve Googled
February 19 | Things I’ve Googled
March 4 | Things I’ve Googled
April 29 | Things I’ve Googled

Thanks for reading! See ya back here next week. xo



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