September playlist | For H&E

Not too long ago, I started rewarding the girls with the chance to choose the first song in the car in exchange for complying with basic morning tasks; brushing hair, putting on shoes, getting buckled in their carseat, etc. “Whoever has their shoes on first gets to pick the first song!” It worked like a charm at first, but ultimately led to more arguments and disputes over fairness. Thankfully, The Sound of Music has been all the rage around here lately and Do-Re-Mi has been #1 on Harper & Elliot’s Total Request Live, limiting the fighting to more important things, like whose (identical) plate is more purple.

I thought I would start sharing playlists again in case you wanted to jam along with us. Elliot can’t seem to get enough Lucy in the Sky. I overheard her introducing herself to Harper as they were playing the other day, “Hi. My name is Donna Kaleidoscope.” Harper asked, “Donner??” (As in Donner Lake.) “NO!!!!” Elliot shouted, irritated with her sister’s ridiculous question, “DONNA! DONNA KALEIDOSCOPE!” (Elliot was also in love with her swim instructor, Donna, this summer.)

Click here to access the playlist on Spotify directly. Here’s a screenshot for reference:


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