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Last summer I started an article club with a group of friends. The whole concept – to read articles rather than books and discuss during a monthly gathering – sprung from the brilliant Joanna Goddard. I immediately loved the idea; specifically the reduced time commitment in reading an article versus a book, and also, eliminating the pressure to choose a book everyone would be interested in. Articles offer less commitment and more flexibility. We could do this!

A group of 10 of us (give or take) met up once a month until ultimately, schedules, life and family commitments took priority and our little club fizzled out. Maybe one day we’ll pick it back up again, but for now, I thought I would start sharing some articles and questions here on Recovering Corporate for anyone interested. I’m grateful for my accomplished group of friends who contributed so much to our original article club, and I know you, thoughtful readers, can offer even more insight through the diversity of your experiences, occupations, cultures, and geography. If you feel compelled to leave a comment, I’m certain we could spark a great dialogue.

According to their website, “The Girls’ Lounge is a “go to” destination at industry conferences for women to connect, inspire and collaborate to create the change we want to see in the workplace.”
With nine trade show events under their belt for the year, The Girls’ Lounge reports to have over 7500 C-level women as a part of their movement. The next lounge is set for  dmexco, a digital marketing conference in Cologne Germany, followed by Advertising Week at the end of September in New York.
  • Do you find the concept of The Girls’ Lounge helpful or harmful to professional women?
  •  Would you encourage professional women to participate in The Girls’ Lounge? Why or why not?
  • What is the male equivalent of The Girls’ Lounge?
  • Is it possible to be inclusive by way of exclusivity?
  • Do you think the name “Girls’ Lounge” is the best name for what it represents?
If you have any (considerate) thoughts to share, please leave a note in the comments! I’d love to hear.

One thought on “Articles with RC | September

  1. I love the idea of the Girls’ Lounge! The woman who started it also has a research background and started it at conferences that I frequented when I was in sales. The women in our industry were very excited to have a place that felt comfortable as the conferences were so male-dominated.


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